med_moth“Tekulve’s descriptions of the hard, cold, dirty coal camp life, above and below ground, are masterful … (Her) great gift is to live in the hearts of her characters … Lyrical, haunting fiction.”
Kirkus, starred review 2/4/13

“Beautifully written and absorbing …very much a story about place and how it affects the human character.”
Library Journal, “Spring Pick,” 2013

There is always a quiet peace that descends when I read Susan Tekulve. These still waters, they run mighty deep.”
Robert Olmstead, author of The Coldest Night

“[A] beautifully written saga telling the story of successive generations of a West Virginia family living out their lives in one particular spot of earth.”
Josephine Humphreys, author of Nowhere Else on Earth

“This novel is so detailed and exact that I found myself absorbed. Tekulve moved me through the generations, with surprises and sadness and drama. She makes this specialized life come alive—to show people who struggle and survive … or don’t survive.”
C. Michael Curtis, fiction editor, The Atlantic

“This is a beautifully sculpted novel of fully realized characters whose story will grip you from start to finish.”
Thomas E. Kennedy, author of Falling Sideways

“Tekulve takes the long view of family and relationships, giving us snapshots of the landmarks that echo through generations.”
―Publishers Weekly