My Mother’s War Stories


The stories in this book penetrate the contemporary American family in flux, of individuals forced to confront truths about themselves and others.


Winner of the Winnow Press Chapbook Award in Fiction

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“Those who read American literary journals are likely to be familiar with the many strengths of Susan Tekulve’s fiction–the power and precision of her language, the heartbreaking humanity, humor and sadness of her characters, the always surprising and uncompromising originality of their portrayals.

My Mother’s War Stories showcases Tekulve’s skill to its Nth power.  The characters in these stories evoke a compassion and empathy so strong that you simply cannot turn from them, even when the disappointment of their human weakness begins to show. It’s a little like marriage itself, with all its complex disappointments and hope, the babies that allow you to fall in love with someone new all over again, the cherished shelter of a child’s unbroken sleep.”

~Thomas E. Kennedy, author of The Copenhagen Quartet and Falling Sideways

“In Susan Tekulve’s beautifully wrought stories, daughters wrestle with family myths, mothers succumb to pride or pain, and the truth keeps turning on its axis.  Deeply felt, original, and wise, Tekulve’s tales enter readers’ hearts and inevitably stay.”

~Beth Kephart, author of A Slant of Sun and Seeing Past Z